5 Futuristic Technologies That Will Change The World

This is the age of Information and Technology in which we live. The progress of science through ages has to lead to an easy and comfortable existence. The technologies that we are going to discuss here are those that are going to influence our lives to a greater extent shortly. There has always been one or the other kind of technology present with people of all the Ages since ancient times. Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Autonomous Cars, Virtual Reality, and much more important and interesting life-changing technologies are awaiting the future.

The five futuristic technologies that can change the face of the earth are as follows :

  1. 3D – Metal Printing 

We know how difficult it is to get the parts of a broken or worn-out the machine or even a toy to get repaired or replaced. This 3D Metal Printing technology is going to ease our work as well as the work of the industries who take a lot of pain and money to make so many accessory parts. Now, this printing will help to get the desired piece in no time. It would also save the space and energy invested in establishing large scale industries.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

This is the greatest advent in the technological advancement of this generation. It has brought down the imaginative things to real possibilities. Almost all the machines use this technology in one or the other way. It has helped the blind to use the phone. It has helped the people across the globe to communicate with each other. This technology has helped in making a robot similar to human beings who can talk with us and understand our language. People have talked to machines and this is a great revolution.

  1. Internet Of Things 

Everyone might have heard “ make science your servant and don’t get enslaved by it “ this line has been visualized by the recent technology called the Internet of Things. Today, every appliance we use whether it is the bulb of our house, the remote of the TV set, the siren of the car, the alarm bell in a shopping mall, and everything that now been linked to the internet. The video calling facilities. We can switch off the fan of our bedroom by sitting in the office. This has been possible only due to the internet of things and it has immense future.

  1. Space-Based Solar Power

Our energy needs is a challenge for the new generation. Therefore scientists have planned and are working day and night to build a technology called Space-Based Solar Power that would use solar energy and send to the earth. There will be a receiver in some remote locations on earth with a plate that will receive the radiation sent by this technology from the space. This would certainly help a lot in our consumption of energy.

  1. Perfect Online Privacy 

Cybersecurity is a running threat to our world because everyone is being involved in the digital market. We are selling and buying things over globally open internet platforms. Our privacies are prone to be hacked and manipulated. In such a case, the Perfect Online Privacy Technology is a boon. It allows the transaction without revealing the account details. Banks in the future can use this technology to have customer privacy. Thus it has a huge future.

The human civilization has always progressed when it’s about their lifestyle and comfort. These five technologies are going to change the face of the earth shortly. People would embrace them and there is the possibility of greater innovations in human lifestyle and experience.

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