5 Reasons That Android Is Better Than Any Other Platform

Android has been in the market since 2010 and its almost been a decade. With full of exquisite services for its users. Maybe you people are not aware of the fact that what is android and how we are using it continuously. This term in great context with the smartphone’s availability in the market.

This article is going to be a power-packed package of information about android. From the root of its meaning, usage and extraordinary services provided by this platform, every sort of information are going to be available in this excerpt. So let us dive into the ambiance of android existence in this world.

What is Android?

Android is an operating system widely used in smartphones invented by a popular company named Google. Technically, it is an advancement in the LINUX based operating system developed for touch-screen interface in various electronic gadgets such as smartphones and tablets. This platform is an open-source service provider that provides services for smartphones by supporting various applications in it.

Reasons behind its unicity 

various factors contribute to the popularity and uniqueness of android. Being a widely used platform, we will go through all of its existing reasons which makes it different from other platforms. Some of the reasons are as follows:

  • Availability at low price

Android is widely accessible to everyone. Depending upon factors like low price range, it makes this platform easily available for any of the weaker economic countries. Henceforth leads to becoming widespread technology globally. The ease of use is also a basic factor behind its popularity.

  • Compatibility¬†

Compatibility is one of the important factors that any user looks for. Any smartphone that is based on the compatible mode of transfer with numerous other devices seems cool. Even android more compatibility services than any other operating system. Any device is compatible with android as they all can work together without any compatibility issue.

  • Wide range of variety

There are many models with distinctive features are available in the market that is based on the Android operating system. With numerous camera, battery, display size, processor, storage options, people love to experience some of the best technology by android.

  • Regular update

Upgradation in any technology makes it more useful. As the change is inevitable in our life the same is with the android devices. Many companies keep on updating the version of software to give the best services in the existing devices.

  • Customization facility

this is the key factor that makes a different fanbase of android in the market of smartphones and tablets. Android provides full customization functionality to its users making it more useful and adaptable. It does not believe in making the user use a certain specific platform.

Android is a platform which is enriching the lives of its user by providing a wide range of services. This article has enough information about Android devices which stands it out from any of the other platforms. The best feature of android is that it does not tries to bind its user. Although it can be embedded with any other devices which means that more devices will result in more popularity.

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