An Overview Of The Nanotechnology

Today it is possible to talk about the atoms and molecules on our dining table. Everyone is quite aware of the fundamental building blocks of matter from which everything is made up of. And scientists have gone deep into it. They are trying to equip humanity with precise technology – nanotechnology. It is the technology that interprets science at the nanoscale. The nanoscale is a scale that may be about one to one hundred nanometre in size. And this field studies the smaller things and how they affect life.  


“There’s plenty of room at the Bottom“ was the talk by a prominent physicist, Richard Feynman, at an American Physical Society meeting. It took place in the California Institute of Technology. It was December 29 of the year 1959, Feynman talked about the possibilities of control and manipulation of the atoms and the molecules. Ten years later, Professor Norio Taniguchi took the effort to coin the term Nanotechnology. 


One nanometer is the one billionth part of a meter. Nanotechnology allows us to see and control the atomic world. Techniques have been devised to capture the image at an atomic level. People have interest in nanoscale, which is defined to be 100nm down to the size of atoms (approximately 0.2nm) because this is the scale at which the properties of materials can be very different than the properties at the larger scale. 


Atomic force microscope and magnetic resonance imaging are examples of its kinds. Nanotubes are being made to make tough plastics and computer chips. Nanosensors, nano abacus, nano guitar, etc are going to change the way we look at things now. The data sciences involving the phenomena of safeguarding our digital data have also been redefined and improved with the hell of nanotechnology. 


The market around us has been decorated with Nanotechnology products. Carbon nanotubes, nanoparticles, etc. It is going to affect most countries and industries.  

Nanotechnology is the study and control of the materials at length scales below 100 nm. Nanoscience and nanotechnology are not new but has been used as a different concept in making polymers from nanoscale subunits. The importance of this technology lies in the fact that the chemical and physical properties of these particles start showing changes at the nanoscale level and thus helps a lot in devising new designs. It has high strength, lightweight, and greater chemical reactivity. This technology has a bright future as now and then we are getting deep into the science of electrons and protons and atoms.  

Nanotechnology is based on the principles of quantum physics. And by using this concept, scientists are trying to design some great devices that are speedy, strong and useful. Medical sciences have been profited a lot by this nanotechnology in recent years. Even nuclear power has also been influenced by this. It has an immense future but also carries with it some disadvantages. Economic backdrop and also there is a threat to security. The environment is going to be highly affected. In electronics and medicines, this technology has been facing some issues of capability.

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