Artificial Intelligence, Types and Advantages

The technology, specifically computer technology, is fast-moving towards replicating the functioning of the human brain. Although quite far from the realization of the ultimate goal of replicating human intelligence, but Artificial intelligence (AI) is fast evolving to simulate human intelligence if not in totality then in pockets at least.

AI is all about making the computer learn from the data sets and apply defined reasoning in making limited sets of decisions to simplify human works. AI is slowly taking trends in mainstream activity through speech and facial recognition, assistance systems, and machine vision.

Types of artificial intelligence

Computer scientists are classifying AI basically in four types, namely reactive machines like Deep Blue chess program, limited memory AI systems that use memory inputs to take future decisions, mind situation with a focus on neurotic response system, and self-aware AI systems that have a sense of consciousness.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

AI is revolutionizing the computing world, far beyond anyone could have imagined a decade ago. The artificiality angle of the intelligence is diluting slowly and heading towards the vastness of human intelligence with a scale nobody ever imagined to replicate. Here are some of the advantages of AI in the contemporary context:

  • Availability

Unlike humans, machines are free of the emotions and need for break and refreshments. Simply speaking the output from the same factory setup could be doubled with no additional cost, resulting in low-cost production and higher scale. No emotions, no holidays, no bonus issues, no scope of any conflict.

  • Day to Day Application

Your smartphone is also a primary version of AI. The facial recognition tech, speech recognition tech, text translation tech is nothing but a primary version of AI.  Siri and Cortana assistant is just an AI system that mimics your behavior to predict future activity. Your search on Google and the suggestion you get is nothing but AI-driven operations. Your bank is using this tech to make it sure that your identity perfectly matches the database.

  • Digital Assistance

As a customer you might have already interacted with chat-bots and voice-bots, which is nothing but AI tech. This form of assistance is simplifying the whole customer relation process. Still, an emotional response system of AI is too far from the humanistic expectations. Logic and reasoning are fine, but humans behave in a much complex manner. It will remain a challenge until the neurotic network evolves.

  • Repetitive Jobs

This is the biggest rescue for humans as AI tech is making it sure that that job of repetitive nature like parcel shorting, manual form filling, ticketing, etc. are handled by AI automation.  Machines are well-equipped to do quick calculations and do some of those works relatively better than humans. When it comes to dangerous and hazardous tasks, machines with AI inputs could be used to execute those tasks.

If you are a computer game enthusiast in co-player game, then you are playing with AI-driven system.

  • Medical Applications

This is the need of the hour when it comes to using the AI for the benefit of humans. The amazing skill of data simulation and using it for the analytical purpose could improve the efficiency of the diagnostic system by 100%. The simple interactive platform could be of great help in making people aware of the problems and possible solutions along with other information. Same, AI tech could be used in suggesting the best medications.

In the field of advanced surgery, it is already doing miracles in terms of precision.

There is no end of applications of AI. To start with, it can be of great help if it could help in handling hazardous explorations, in cutting the scope of human error and most importantly the environmental protections. There is nothing artificial about this intelligence, it is real and scalable!

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