How Arduino Help Controlling Robots

The Arduino starter kit also comprises a robot that works on the principle of the Arduino platform. The robot is basically for those users who want to combine the working procedure and knowledge to their prototype.

For prototyping of any robot through the process prescribed by the Arduino starter kit is somehow divided into different sets of functioning. Those functions are vital for robots. The cumulative combination of all those functions through the instruction of Arduino is the core structure of working.

The main control process of the robot is done by Arduino with taking full control of two circuit board control board and motor board.

These are the functions of Arduino which enable the robot to function accurately are:

  • Power

Arduino provides power to robots either via USB connection or with the help of batteries. The power source id chose automatically. The robots can be given power by using rechargeable batteries also. The Arduino robot is equipped with both selection USB controlled as well as an AA battery.

  • Memory

The memory of the robot is customizable. You can opt for any preferential match. The Arduino provides 2.5KB of SRAM to its robot.

  • Input and Output functions

The Arduino robots are pre-soldered. The connectors are sold so that to give it fix and safe touch. You can also attach numerous parts as there is ample space to connect anything. The Arduino functions are controlled in this way that, every connector has been denoted by their specific name and also mapped on the board.

  • Communicating channel

The communication front of the robot is controlled by Arduino with the help of a computer or a set of the microcontroller. The Arduino robot is equipped with a digital 10-pin board connector. The system also enables the robot to communicate with the computer by using standard USB COM drivers. Just a bit of setup is required in the windows.

  • Programming controls

Arduino controls the programming of the robot by its software. Users can download the software by selecting wither from the control board or motor board. The manual will provide a detailed look at this concern.

  • Software enabled Reset

Rather than keeping an on/off button for the core functioning of the robot, Arduino provides an initiation from the use of software feed on a computer. The computer can control all the attributes of a robot.

  • USB malfunctioning protection

The resettable material protects the computer from malfunctioning as the USB ports are very delicate passage. It may cause difficulty for the normal operation of the robot.

  • Physical dimensions

The physical characteristic is the need of the user. They can provide any shape or size as per their consideration and need. Though the Arduino robot is 9.5cm in radius. Including all subsidiary parts, it can be 10cm tall. But this size can be customized with the different elements present in the starter kit.

Though the controlling is not that delicate to understand. Following the prescribed instruction user can simply understand all the critical functions which are responsible for the precise functioning of the robot.

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