Popular Uses of Drones

Drone, more specifically known as the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, is operated by a controller at the ground or by automatic on-board computers. Although the drone was initially used for military purposes, it has now found its usage in almost every field. From gambling to agriculture and from the recreational to the surveillance. It has become famous. More than one lakh drones got sold out three years back. This identifies the popularity and usage of drones in our society.

No area is left untouched by the applicability of a drone. Let us try to look at a few of the uses of drones today.

  • Motion picture movie making¬†

Drone cameras are widely in use in the making of a movie. Drones save a lot of money because earlier for the aerial view, huge man operated machines were used, even helicopters were used. Now then drone does all the work. The drone is equipped to go even into the remotest area for a better view.

  • Commercial aerial surveillance

The private firms have started using drone cameras for surveillance. Security cameras catch the lawbreakers. Live stocks can be kept under view across the large stretch of land or in mountains. The fire department can use it to look for the danger of fire in the city.

  • Resources exploration¬†

Minerals can be located by a drone. Oils can also be located by the drone. The drone can even go underground to explore inside.

  • Disaster management

Drones equipped with infrared sensors that detect humans by their heat can be used to rescue the flood or disaster victims. It can be used to supply food and medicines to remote areas.

  • Remote sensing

Drones can carry several sensors with itself. Sensors help us in explorations. Lidar equipped drones can measure the height of the crops. Heat sensors in a drone can identify the water and human presence and may help. The visual spectrum is a kind of sensor used for mapping lands. Many more interesting and useful examples are there.

  • Recreational purpose

Many flying machines have been made as a toy for the children. Many drones are attached with high profile cameras to capture the beauty of nature and places and things and frames. Drones are used for entertainment and fun. Recently several mass events have also been recorded by the drones carrying cameras. Children use low power drones for playing. College students use it for photographing and video making.

Every day new drones are being made and launched. Many sectors are getting the benefit of the drone. US Federation Aviation Administration has legalized the use of drones for various purposes. Recreational drones are also legalized by the US. The drones have a huge scope in the future. The remote sensing technology and the growing artificial intelligence technology would combine with the drone shortly to give a scientific breakthrough to our lives. Let us be ready to enjoy the mirth of being in an age where drones are not just a military thing but something very trivial to us.

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