The Expected Future of Artificial Intelligence

Have you watched “Terminator”? This movie is a typical example of AI-based systems. This movie depicts AI as a boon and bane both. In this movie, it acts a savior as well as destroyer of the world. Though the last smile is of savior only.

The artificial intelligence is the innovation in which the development of computer systems that can perform tasks that would require human intelligence. It is an approach which leads to an automated world. We are going on a verge great inventions shortly, for which we are somehow skeptical. There are some misconceptions that are also persisting, simultaneously with great advancement.

Suppositions in near future

Some of the following advancement we can achieve shortly in the direction of artificial intelligence:

  • Transportation

AI will bring an innovative change in the direction of transportation, as it will introduce a driverless transport system which enables us to move us from one place to another. Prototypes are already successful. Some of the major tech giants such as Google and Tesla are already working on this.

  • Manufacturing

The AI-powered robots will enable the manufacturing sector to uplift in a way by adapting through automation. Shortly, we can see that AI-powered robots will work alongside humans to give mankind a serious advantage in the field of manufacturing.

  • Healthcare

AI enables the healthcare industry to thrive. It will help them to diagnose diseases more accurately and quickly. Drug discovery will be fast and precise. Virtual nursing staffs will take care of all the patients. With the help of big data and AI we can create a more personalized way for taking medical care of every individual.

  • Education

The digitization of books is in the kitty. It is being in its pre-stage of the formulation. It will help to shed off the excessive physical load of students. The automated sensors will also provide the exact human facial analysis, which enables us to know about the true emotions of the students, whether they are understanding or struggling.

  • Media

Journalism is one of the sectors which is presently using AI to its fullest. It will continue to harness the specific benefits of that also shortly. One of the examples is the use of cyborg tech by Bloomberg to make financial reports which are very critical and complex.

  • Customer Service

Last but not least, the hospitality and customer service industry is going to adopt this as a whole. Some tech giants are on their way to take an assistant as AI to perform human-like calls and plans your daily schedule. Some of the best examples are amazon Alexa in this segment. It has vivid future possibilities.

If AI is being implemented correctly and responsibly then only it can benefit the society fully. Though it has some possibilities that excessive commercial use can impact human rights in negative ways. To be concise, this technology acquires a lot of data collection for both individual and collective. It will enable them to predict future behavior which is total insanity. It can have serious issues on the front that it is posing a threat to the right of privacy and the right of expression and freedom. The excessive usage of AI can be also bad for other rights.

So it is in the hand of mankind, that how they want to use or get used by the future advancement of AI.

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