The Future Of Android Phones

Android is one of the most popular terms in the era of technology. Every one of us has been gone through the android phones once in our life. Android is one of the mobile operating system developed and handled by Google. The cell phone which uses Android OS is known as the android cell phone.

Android mobile phones are smartphones with a touch screen interface, internet browsing capabilities, multiple connectivity options, support for video playback, camera, etc. Android is the Linux based operating system which is designed especially for touch screen mobile devices like smartphones, tablet computer, etc.

 Existing features of the android phone:

  • It has a high storage capacity.
  • It supports Multi-language facility.
  • It incorporates large external storage.
  • This blend of technological advancement shows optimized graphics.
  • Gives the facility of multi-touch.
  • This type of phone has a higher reach globally.
  • Perfect piece available at low rates.
  • It offers multi-functional units for flexibility of work.
  • It is an open-source creation.

Factors which makes the future of android:

Artificial Intelligence

Google has a very different goal for android in 10 years. It is one of the biggest competitors in artificial intelligence. It helps in optical character recognition, handwriting recognition, speech recognition, face recognition, etc. 

Stretchable phones 

Stretchable phones are the next big thing in display technology in the coming ten years. The display technology in the future seems to be a flexible display. We have seen some of the foldable phones like- Royole FlexPai, Samsung Galaxy Fold, Huawei Mute X, etc. Next we will see stretchable phones, you would stretch it out to increase its size, sort of like a rubber band. You just need to pull the phone from two of its corners diagonally. 

Variety in colors

Nowadays, the phone comes in a variety of basic colors like black, silver and white give more classical vibes but they are a bit boring. Red, green or purple are in trend but gives a toyish look. So imagine a phone with a transparent look made up of glass-like material which can fully absorb light.


The upcoming fresh era of technology is going to be based upon the customization of the phones. People will be able to customize their phones as per their desire. The amount of RAM, storage and even processor, everything is going to be customized as the client’s need.


The future of android phones is going to expand its reach beyond the thinking ability of us. It is going to be available in every electronic device such as TV, refrigerator, watch, home appliances, vehicles in use, robotics, satellites for the research and many more electronic gadgets which is going to be controlled by android phones.

The future of android phones is going to vary a lot as per the desire of people. It is growing vastly with technological innovation as well as the invention of various new things. The ease of reach and use, flexibility, the multi-functional, open-source, fast, upgrading ability is going to make it a beautiful innovation in the technological world.

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