To Which Extent Medical Technology Is Helping Us?

We all know this old proverb that “Health is Wealth” though old yet it is still relevant today. Without health, one can’t get a comfortable life even having tons of money. Whenever we find perils to our health, we look for medical help. Technology in the field of medical practice is not new. We can find its development into the times of the ancient Egyptians, who researched to find the reason for the diseases. Finding the reason for illness, in the beginning, always makes treatment more effective.

Medical technology deals with a wide range of health care products which helps us to diagnose the disease to find remedies for it. It makes the treatment easier than ever. From the development of “small” products like adhesive bandages and ankle braces to the invention of larger, and more complex technologies like MRI machines, artificial organs, and robotic prosthetic limbs, technology has surely made an incredible impact on medicine. Today we can diagnose the diseases in just a minute with the help of Medical technology. Here we are the lists of the fields where medical technology has assisted us:

  • Biotechnology: – Today in the treatment of diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and cancer the use of Stem Cells can be seen, also Bone Marrow Transplantation, Skin related ailments, these are the results of the growth of medical technology in the field of biotechnology. Gene Probes Genetic Counseling, Genetic Fingerprinting, Karyotyping, Forensic Medicine are the fields where also medical technology helping a lot.
  • Pharmaceuticals: – Pharmaceuticals means relating to medicinal drugs, or their preparation, use, or sale. The help of medical technology in the field of pharmaceuticals can be traced in the development of medicine like Birth control pills, Bacteriophages as the alternatives of antibiotics.
  • Development of Medical devices: – Today with the development of medical technology, we can also see the development of medical devices. Now we have a large no of medical devices from the smaller one like syringe and thermometer to more complex ones like MRI and Cardio MEMS heart failure monitoring system. Medical devices not only give us the ability to find out the reason for diseases but also helps us to treat the diseases.
  •  Adaptive Equipment: – Medical technology helps to invent the adaptive equipment for the differently-abled people or those people who are not able to carry their day to day ability. Such devices like Wheelchair, Crutches, Prosthetic devices (Hearing aids, Orthopedic shoes, Pacemakers, Incontinence control devices, Braces, Bone plates, Eyeglasses, Arm slings, Arch supports, Penile pumps/implants) helps a lot to these peoples.
  • Health Information technology: –  Medical technology also helps in the field of information technology. They help to avoid the same error again. It collects the data and monitors the health of patients this enables doctors to give more accurate treatment. Also, due to the invention of such medical devices which enables us to get some minor regulatory reports of our health in our home like Digital glucose meter encouraged telepath.

Now we can consult our doctors from our homes just because of medical technology. Technology has always helped the Medical sphere in every possible way. It is still helping. The instruments that the hospitals use are made from technology. Medical technology is, in turn, helping us at every step of our life from the thermometer to the dialysis machine.

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